Top 3 best forex websites for learning?

If you are looking for the best forex websites and you are keen to learn forex and you are not sure where to learn so this article is specially written for you. as per my experience in forex, I have mentioned top websites in such order by keeping in mind the step by step process in order to learn.


Babypips logo1. Baby Pips

Babypips.com is a fantastic and well-organised website when it comes to learning forex trading. It has been structured in a way that you can enroll in the course starting from pre-schooling to Graduation in forex. After enrolling, you can track your progress of course as you move on.

Babypips is also known as pipsology. It consists of a lot of feature such as forex related news, Trading, Education, Forum and tools, and what’s not.


Forex Factory Logo

2. Forex Factory

ForexFactory.com is a forum type website where you can sign up and log in as a registered user free of cost. You can join any thread for example if there is a thread called EURUSD which is very popular thread over there.

You can join that thread and start observing that what is being said and shown to that thread? You will be able to see that some people have a small red square at the end of their user name, if you bring pointer of your cursor to that small red square then it will show; that person is high impact trader.

People listen and act very seriously when any high impact member shares one’s views about any pair or passes out his analysis. You will also see some members with orange and yellow dots along with their usernames and they are considered medium and low-level traders respectively.

In forex factory, You may see the current range of each major pairs in pip s, Forex factory also shows you upcoming news with red, orange and yellow colors folder,These folders also represent the heat map of news from High impact (Red Folder) ,Medium impact (Orange Folder and low Impact (Yellow folder) same as I talk about usernames with dots.

The big advantage of forex factory is that it shows the opening and closing time of different markets such as Sydney, Tokyo, London, and New York. Simply click on the top right corner of the clock in forex factory and it will automatically adjust time with your country time wherever you are at that time.

This market opening and closing or current market time help a lot when you are traveling overseas and you are not sure that which market is open or close according to that country time.

You can find forum, Trades, news, Market, and brokers and explore them.

FXstreet.com logo

3. FX Street

FXstreet.com is also one of the best websites that present features like latest news, updates, education, brokers, charts, analysis and so on. You can also watch video analysis of different well known technical analyst and live charts as well.



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It’s not going to be pretty.Global Crisis

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